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Happy MAC's

Placed Puppies and kind remarks...

MAC'S "BOMBER" -- Owned by the Ogle family 

#Puppy Bow Tie :-)


MAC'S FREEZE --owned by Mr. Mike & Robin R


..... "I have to tell you that everyone is just amazed by his temperament and how well behaved he is - he is not like most puppies - he is totally not a spaz or annoying - He just hangs with us where ever we are and is friendly to everyone - plops down in the middle of everything and chills ! He is just awesome! He is also already very attached, protective and concerned about the children - he especially watches Lizzie where ever she is and waits for her. " ......."He is not afraid of ANY dog big or small which I love - it's like he already thinks he is really big! Lol"Everyone stops me and tells me how beautiful and big he is going to be--- Thanks MAC!

Mr. Ray & Amanda R with their new addition --MAC'S Campione

  • Wayne L~ MAC'S CRONUS

  • Justin O ~"Here is a pic of the little guy. Such a gorgeous dog I'm always getting compliments and I refer them your way. Thanks for everything!"

  • Michelle V. & Puppy Thor ~ Thanks Gwen you were a blast to work with ... text me as many questions as you want!

  • Jessie ~ U Made this a very good experience.... I truly appreciate u working with me. I will be in touch THANKS MAC!

  • Thanks to the Coolest Corso Owner out there... Don

  • It has been my pleasure to welcome back Kandy and Michael for thier second MAC! ~ these two are some great people ~ I know MAC's Rhea and MAC's AIRES will be spolied rotten ...he he he

  • Amanda from Florida ~ with puppy Jack "Jack is doing sweet and calm! with a bit of an attitude. 2 days in and he's giving paw..aka hand shakes

  • Kandy and Mike ~ " My wife and I just wanted to thank you again for Rhea...what a blessing. She is literally the most amazing dog I ever been around. 5 months and growing like a weed. Her temperament around other people and animals is just amazing. Thank you so much for you do... Please keep it up !

  • Angel B ~ "It was a pleasure to meet you and your family yesterday you guys are such nice people. Thank you for this beautiful puppy, she is already showing her sweet good nature and loving personality. I am very sure that we will be getting another one in the future from u. " ...

  • Ted R ~ "Maddie is 15lbs!! Great Puppy. Good Vet visit Love her"

  • Chris and family ~ "I just picked up my POL (pick of litter) female from MAC. Money well spent. If you are looking for drive you're in the right place. If you're looking for conformation, you're in the right place. What more can I say. Thanks Tremayne.

MAC's LEAH --owned by Oscar and Kathleen

 Mac's MOXI - sold to Queen City Cane Corso

Trea R and (son) Ty with MAC's BLU MAGIC

MAC'S ROXY owned by Brenda Mullis and Family

Stephanie & Justin with MAC's Stanton



We are very delighted with the new addition to our family - MAC Cane Corso's M1 litter's Stella :D Tremayne is not only a knowledgeable breeder, but also a very caring and genuine owner. During the hectic months of November and December, we have visited often and sometimes on last minute notice. He has made our entire family feel welcome and even after our transaction is complete, we know we are always welcome to visit. He treats each pup as one of his own pups and is a database full of knowledge and tips. Stella is very beautiful and has true Cane Corso form. Her well-rounded temperament is perfectly compatible with our 4 young children and our Labrador puppy and her get along splendidly. Thank You MAC Can Corso! ~The Fungasaurs!



Julie, Lia and MAC's "Prince Chanler"



Cerberus is doing great. He is a BIG boy now. Cerberus measured in at 39 1/2 inches from nose to butt and 22" at the top of his shoulder @ 5 1/2 months. He is at the 72lb mark already. He has finished his puppy training and is moving on to intermediate. He is also starting to work with the bite sleeve. He is an absolute perfect example of his breed and his personality couldnt be better. Thanks so much for our big little man.

Jonathan and Kim......... boy has he grown! 12 months in the update picture


Hi Tremayne! We've had Leo for about a month and a half now, and we couldn't be happier!:D He is so gorgeous, and he has an excellent temperament and conformation. Everywhere we go, we get stopped every 2 minutes or so (trust me...I'm not exaggerating) with exclamations of 'Oh My Goodness! He is beautiful!' and 'Where did you get him? Look at his big paws and that shiny coat!' He has been so easy to train, and he just melts strangers' and family members' hearts alike when he looks at them with those big brown eyes. He's definitely show quality and a loyal new family member! He's already very protective of us. Two strangers came up to our gate about a week or two after we got him, saying that their car had broken down up the block. I felt a little uneasy due to their mannerisms, but we gave them some water for the car anyway. Leo got right in between the men at the gate and us and silently stared them down until they left. He didn't bat an eye the whole time, and they quickly changed their attitudes! Anything they even thought about doing was quickly reconsidered. We can't wait to get a female from one of your future litters!:) Highly recommended! ~ Best wishes, J and J

Leo and Layla have gotten so big! We can't thank you enough for bringing these sweethearts into our lives. Even their vet had to double-check to make sure he had the right room when he saw Layla last month. He showed her off to the other vets and said 'Man, she has gotten thick! She looks good!'


MAC Puppy 9 weeks old

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